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Uncharted 4 Beta Key




Welcome to our Uncharted 4 beta key generator. Each Uncharted 4 Beta Key is unique and will only be sent out once, after that the serial key will be deleted from our server. If you ever wanted to play this game, this is your chance right now. Jump on the train and be able to get one Uncharted 4 beta key like you have never seen it before. However the serial number is not free, in order to get one serial keys we need you to complete one offer from our sponsorslist. Those offers are realy fast to complete and are very easy. Each person can only get one Uncharted 4 beta key, do not abuse this feature or you will be banned from our website.


How to obtain one serial key

In order to get one of our Uncharted 4 serial keys, you need to unlock our offer system by clicking “Start download”

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How to use the Uncharted 4 key

Please follow this step by step tutorial in order to install Uncharted 4 properly.

  • Download our Uncharted 4 serial number and the beta version from above
  • Install the beta of Uncharted 4 into any harddrive
  • Open Uncharted4_Firstrun
  • Create any name you’d like
  • Enter our serial key for Uncharted 4 at step “Serial Number”
  • Now click next
  • If everything is installed correctly, Uncharted 4  will now open up.